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With over 24,000 product configurations, all other TROV® meets the exacting need of every designer.

148 hours equates to two business working days and for Most Popular TROV® orders less than 200 units. 22 weeks equates to two calendar weeks and for Build On Demand TROV® orders less than 400 units. 3Turnaround time is only applicable to orders for the TROV® product line which are accepted by Ecosense and excludes orders for any accessories or special services. The turnaround time shall not apply in the event that an order requires a qualifying TROV® product to be shipped simultaneously with an accessory. The turnaround time shall not apply to changes in manufacturing lead time that arise as a result of a force majeure event or other situations outside of our control, such as weather, natural disasters, fire, government action and supplier issues. Ecosense reserves the right to reject any order in its sole and absolute direction. Order size is determined by the total number of units per order, not SKU. All orders placed during a 7 calendar day period that ship to the same address will be included in calculating the order size. Lead time begins when order is accepted by EcoSense and communicated to customer, and ends when the product leaves the factory. Manufacturing lead time does not include delivery time, freight handling or customs. Delivery will vary based upon the customer’s location and selected shipping method. Orders will ship GROUND unless another method is selected. Order guarantee is based on longest lead item. TROV orders ship complete unless otherwise noted and ship time defaults to longest lead time item. It is highly recommended to notify EcoSense of any opportunities larger than 500 units in advance to ensure availability of materials and capacity.